A yellow sky

Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Sol

A mix of colours in the afternoon sky. Do you know why? Have you heard of Rayleigh Scattering? or Mie Scattering?

This could be a combination of Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering and the angle of the sun.

Rayleigh scattering is related to the chemical composition of the atmosphere and occurs when the particles causing the scattering are smaller in size than the wavelengths of radiation in contact with them (this is why the sky appears blue most of the time).
The yellow sky is likely mostly owing to Mie scattering. Mie scattering is caused by pollen, dust, smoke, water droplets(the most likely culprit in this case), and other particles in the lower portion of the atmosphere. It occurs when the particles causing the scattering are larger than the wavelengths of radiation in contact with them.
The angle of the sun and Raleigh scattering may also be at play, when the sun is low in the sky sunlight passes through more air than when the sun is higher in the sky.
More atmosphere means more molecules to scatter the violet and blue light away from your eyes. If the path is long enough, all of the blue and violet light scatters out of your line of sight. The other colors continue on their way to your eyes.
This is why sunsets are often yellow, orange, and red.

The above information was found on https://earthscience.stackexchange.com/

Mexican Flame Bush – Calliandra tweedii

Cee’s FOTD

Today is too hot to be outside and I have sweated enough doing housework so I thought I would do a random flower picking.

I went into my flower folder, the ones that haven’t been named or sorted properly (yes there are quite a number of photos), just did a page down and clicked on the the page.

This is the flower that I “picked”

I think I know where I took the photo as the background looks like a road with a white painted line

Shades of Grafton #14 – Fancy Brackets

Ludwig’s Monday Window

On the weekend I drove around one of the more affluent parts of Grafton looking for some window shades. I was disappointed that many houses didn’t have any or they were removed for aluminum windows that were installed. A lot of the old houses had been either modernised or demolished and big brick houses built.

I did find quite a number that still survived and there were some had been repaired and updated with new tops and painted brackets.

The tops on these shades need replacing. The brackets are so good. I have no idea what is happening with the windows though

These are quite simple with a good paint scheme and vertical supports

What a statement these shades make

Much like the shades above just a bit chunkier