Shades of Grafton #14 – Fancy Brackets

Ludwig’s Monday Window

On the weekend I drove around one of the more affluent parts of Grafton looking for some window shades. I was disappointed that many houses didn’t have any or they were removed for aluminum windows that were installed. A lot of the old houses had been either modernised or demolished and big brick houses built.

I did find quite a number that still survived and there were some had been repaired and updated with new tops and painted brackets.

The tops on these shades need replacing. The brackets are so good. I have no idea what is happening with the windows though

These are quite simple with a good paint scheme and vertical supports

What a statement these shades make

Much like the shades above just a bit chunkier

21 thoughts on “Shades of Grafton #14 – Fancy Brackets

  1. I’ve never see these type of window shades in Canada. In Singapore, I’ve seen similar in older buildings, the more common being canvas awnings that are retractable. I suppose the purpose of the shades is to keep direct sun light out ?

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    1. The shades are to keep the harsh Australian sun out of the house. A lot of the early ones were made of canvas and were retractable. As they were prone to deterioration, the ones made of wood with metal tops or just metal became more popular.

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    1. Thanks Ludwig.
      Now for the big discovery I made yesterday. They are actually called awnings and the metal ones are called hoods.
      Oh my, I might have to go back and rename everything but probably won’t as I have been quite indulgent πŸ™‚

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