A view from the Arc

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Skyline

While everyone at the Arc de Triomphe looking towards Place de la Concorde and at the Luxor Obelisk at the other end of the Champs-Elysées , I went to the other side where it was less crowded

A table in a country garden

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Blur

Have a bit of a bop along while browsing around the blogs and posts

For those who are aware of my latest photo fun of using various effects and manipulating the images. WELL this photo is as is. Just a bit of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)

5 Minutes Ago – 14 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #85

Another early morning wake up for me. The sunrise was well worth it

I haven’t included this song before. I don’t know why. I learnt to play guitar to lots of Donovan songs

The colours brushed the clouds and reduced as the clouds moved away from the sunrise

In the northern sky, not a cloud in sight just a bright moon and the tree tops starting to greet the dawn

After a few moments the sun burst over the horizon in a blaze of yellow