Someone everyone knows

CitySonnet’s The Letter K

Ask about Australia, talk about birds. Here is one everyone knows of, some just by their call, others will have seen one at least in their lifetime.

Have a listen*


I can look cheerful

or serious

I have lots of pretty colours that don’t always get shown

I do a good silhouette

When it gets cold, we huddle together to keep warm

I love to sit on a post and keep an eye out for a snack

It doesn’t take all that long until someone forgets I am there

Well I have to go now

See ya later

Some selections from 2022

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #231: Favourite Images From 2022

The last 2022 favourite image post I selected your favourite images month by month. This time it is going to be an avalanche of my favourites.

January saw the first of my Life of a flower series which is now up to issue #11. It all started with a Hibiscus

Minimalism became a sort of theme for Wordless Wednesday 2022

Odd Squares was the first of Becky’s Square format challenges

There were always a cow appearing for Monday Portrait

Black and white challenge always give scope for selective colour

I started to become more adventurous with my Water Water Everywhere abstracts

There is always cuteness in my garden

Coastal scenes from around the coast where I live

Or images of the Aussie bush appeared every now and then

With a few trips up the mountains to my favourite place, the Raspberry Lookout

More monochrome images were created for a lot of different photo challenges

Eastern Whipbirds have been in the bush around my home for a few years now. 2022 saw them venture into the garden.

Always lots of bird photos. Variegated Fairy Wrens are popular to share

Not all was nature. I did venture into the city every now and then

My updated photo editing program gave me great pleasure in being creative

2022 was the start of the Shades of Grafton series for Ludwigs Monday Windows

Always flowers

Australian native flowers as well

I started taking part in Dan’s Thursday doors

Goannas like to explore my garden and will run up the nearest tree when discovered

Macro Monday is always fun

Colourful fungi popped up around the place

Playing with toys can evoke memories

Jacaranda time in Grafton is everyone’s favourite time

I had a great time editing photos for Silent Sunday

Discovering a new butterfly was exciting

Sharing my excitement of discovering new plants and flowers on my place in 2022. Purple Fringe Lillies are one of my all time favourite Australian flowers

Thanks for getting this far. I will try to promise that I won’t take more of your time next year and hope that all of those who run looking back photo challenges can all set the challenge at the same time. Yes I am joking 😂

5 Minutes Ago – 8 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #84

Here we go with another lot of weekend skies from my usual photo spot. Still a hint of cloud and rain about. Yesterday was 29C and today will be much the same with high humidity.

I think this is an appropriate song to start 2023’s Weekend Sky.

Light wafting clouds slowly coming over with some heavier clouds on the horizon

The sky and clouds to the north still have a bit of morning sun’s colour

Trying to get down to horizon level as a golden sun was trying to peek through the clouds