Shades of Grafton #17 – The Canvas Ones

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On the weekend my mission was to try and find if there are any of the canvas awnings left. I did a good trawl of the streets and found a few that were too hard to photo from the street. I didn’t photos of some I found as it was getting quite hot and a photo from the car was difficult.

Here are the canvas shades/awnings I found. I think this house has had canvas shades all the time as these looked rather new with the matching shades on the verandah on the western side of the house. They do look retractable too.

The pale colour of the house and the faded shades do look good but what were they thinking with the roof tiles!

The first canvas shade I found a long time ago when I started on my quest. Hidden by a colourful tarpaulin and the colours still look good on this shade.

A newly replaced shade. In this photo you can see the workings to pull the shade up and down

Another early photo which shows the shade up

A new renovation happening. The shades look rather new based on the bland style and colour also they are not canvas but a new type of material. I hope they keep them

I actually found a canvas hood awning. It has seen better days but I reckon it looks fab.

There are a number of modern aluminum replacements mimicking the older canvas style right down to the coloured stripes

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  1. These are very nice. It may be my personal bias, Years ago I was in the canvas awning business. Well, not in it, but I helped out a little, making design drawings and doing photography.

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