Shades of Grafton #16 – A Confessional

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have a confession to make and shall do it right now.

I have been mistaken in calling what I have been posting, and might I add, enjoyable finding them for you, shades. Yes they do shade and perform a function that helps cool the houses mainly of the past.

See this photo of a very old house, held together with brown paper and string by the look of it, has both examples of the shades I have been posting. The straight ones with fancy or plain brackets or the tin or metal shades.
Well the one on the left is an awning and the one on the left is a hood awning. Yes they are awnings, which I thought were what the structures over doorways were called.

I did a confession to Ludwig and I have decided to keep the title of Shades of Grafton going for continuity.

To make it up to you, on my weekend shade searching I found the prettiest hooded awning shades ever!

The house is being done up bit by bit I reckon

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