One day on the sill

“It was like a surreal dream”
“Yeah, we were doing our normal patrol”
“All I heard was Ernest give a yell”

We all rushed over to where Marchin’ Mark was lying. Everyone tried to help. Someone was taking his pulse, someone started CPR, we all thought how would we cope without Marchin’ Mark out there getting us along on important missions.
The nest won’t be the same

We all wondered what could have happened. Later on the CSI unit will be on the scene to work out what may have happened. Sorry, I promised Lois I wouldn’t use acronyms. That is the Criminal Scientific Investigants

“Oh well we should take him back to the nest I guess”
“It’ll be a lot easier if we all pitch in.”
“Hey….did you hear that?”
“It came from further along the trail”

“Hey you lot.”
“Get over here.”
“We found the bloke who did Marchin” Mark in”
“We need a bit of help”

Not wanting to see anyone else get too hurt, a couple of the others came over. We should be able to hold him down if everyone grabs a piece.

We’ve got him now. He has to go you know. Once a killer always a killer and a poacher of gold. We were sure he had been hanging around this trail for a while now.

“I reckon he’s the bloke that took all of Josephs gold”
“and left him in a ditch on the side of the trail”
“The Queen will know what to do with him”
“Might be easier to take him back in pieces”

“That sounds like a plan”
“Grab a bit and lets go”
“Yeah, I’m building up a thirst”
“Let’s catch up at The Puddle On Step 3 bar”

At The Puddle On Step 3 bar what else would be on non-stop rotation. Anyone else want to have a dance?

The top of the stairs

Leanne’s Monochrome Madness
Bren’s Mid-Week Monochrome #122

It’s funny how I have two stair views, one here and one for todays Wordless Wednesday, both so very different.
These are the stairs that led to our Venice apartment in the old palace. A modern conversion but lot’s a the old world still evident