This Weeks Spam – 31 January

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 4 2023

Just a few that have passed through the spam filter. The reduction in spam is good but also disappointing as I do enjoy sharing the spam I am getting with you. Again no p0rn this week for you.

1 First off is Rooppendra Kumar I call him Mr Persistent as I have blocked but he still reappeared.
This time on “Going Back to Italy”. His message, just a website which I am not going to display but it leads to an Amazon for sale page
Thanks but I can buy crap like that locally.

2 Here is Qwerty who used “Time to rap at the birdbath” post to give me advice
The comment “Habits a way of success” and included his web site – again not included. A lot of the replies to comments on his site were “Yeah, sure”
I am sure that’s not a habit for success.

3 Bring on FloydTow commenting on my post “Delicate and small” with a link in Russian
аренда яхт в турции мармарис european yachts (weblink removed)
If I need an European yacht I know who to contact.

4 Just in case I need Swedish telephone directory Georgesor sent me a link on my “Coming at you” post.
sweden virtual phone numbers – continent telecom (weblink removed)

5 Another persistent one was VAPECANS SHOP, who has featured here before in past spam posts, with all sorts of stuff in a long comment for sale in around FIFTY web site links.
I can buy golf carts, go-karts, even around twenty types of Glock guns, plus cookies, pies, runtz? and baby jeeters?
If you need a baby jeeter, just give me a shout and I’ll send the web link to you

Shades of Grafton #15 – Corrugated Iron Tops

Ludwig’s Monday Window

I have been able to get around town and gather a few more, plus I saw some I’ll have to go back for.

This looks like it has been a recent DYI repair. The flashing tape at the back gives it away

Tastefully restored and retained, even though the windows are aluminum. I like the brackets. I’ll have to try for a side on photo

Another recent restoration. You can see what I mean about the flashing at the rear of the shade. Just plain brackets but the angle is rather sharp. You would have to be sitting down to sticky beak at the neighbours

Ordinary. Nothing flash. They look like a shed job many years ago well restored. I think the owners were in the army, maybe the Q-Store and had some left over paint, if you know what I mean lol

Later in the evening

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Glow

I know this is second go. I had this idea and I love the song but… know….tangents. Well I hope you give the song a listen. It’s one of The Small Faces best

Messages to inspire

Lens-Artists Challenge #234: Messages

There are messages everywhere.
Some you see,
some you don’t.
Some are big,
some are small.
Some to make you think,
some to make you smile.
Some are subtle,
some are on a wall.
There are messages everywhere.


Let’s be positive

Something to ponder

The kids are in the back seat

Well played Grafton Council

Spelling helps (words in black added by my bestie and me)

More to think upon

Something we should all aspire to

A strong message

Messages can be found everywhere, if you look.