This Weeks Spam – 7 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 5 2023

Back to boring and less than forth coming spam comments.

First up is Islamic Specialist For Love Back who, on Sleeping on the train, said “it’s nice” and continued on with “its nice” for several more several posts and their WP site doesn’t exist

Qwerty is back with more advice commenting on Wordless Wednesday – 1 February
“Learn Life Virtues | Important Lessons” and included a blog site with “Real Knowledge”

Stephentug on my post Here then gone has so many tips in one comment
“Videography is the art and technique of capturing moving images on film or digitally. It is a highly creative and technical field that requires a combination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and strong communication skills.”
“Storytelling, Technical Expertise, Creativity, Adaptability, Communication Skills, Attention to detail, Time management, Aesthetic sense” are some of the aspects covered in a long winded comment. Plus has some weird web address

Despite a block Qwerty reappeared on Flowers around here post and he wanted to show me
“Tips to improve self confidence”

Darrellrourb on Shades of Grafton #16 just added what appears to be a website for selling drugs complete with some promo codes for June?