Every one had one

John’s Cellpic Sunday

I know, it’s just a food stall sign at a market. I took the photo to send to my daughter. Why? Trying to make her jealous that I was at the market and this was one of the yummy food stalls? Well no.

I sent her the photo as her dog Pancake had puppies a few days earlier. Yes an official announcement was made that Pancake had seven little pikelets.

Did I get some mini pancakes? No the line was too long plus there were other real food stalls at the market

Random Red

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Red

For this photo challenge, I randomly picked a folder until one of them held a red photo. After about 4 folders I found a Zygote cactus flower

A bit of music history. The start of Neil Finns career. From there to Crowded House, solo shows and now singing with Fleetwood Mac

Random shadows and reflections

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #235: Shadows and Reflections in Monochrome

Some of these photos you may have seen before but they were in colour. A few favourite shadow photos plus some new ones

The Frangipanni tree
the fence post
a magical cast
wonders for free

Looking ahead
seeing behind
travelling at speed
being lead

Look but seeing
about being

Now you see
come sit
almost lunchtime
you and me

A Wagtail there
crumbs perhaps
or splash
look elsewhere

See within
reflect without
inside counts
easy win

Looking deep
no escape
spirals of reality
just sleep

Contentment lies
balance again
light and dark
truth and lies

Moored again
await adventure
loss and pain

Put things back
no black

Little steps
some are up
some are down
finding depths

Finding peace
and harmony
thoughts cease

There’s magic
wonder of nature
just magic

I am sorry that this took so long for you to get through. It started and for once I let myself get carried away.
Originally there photo of the reeds was the last one then words needed photos and photos needed words. Thanks for getting this far đŸ¤—

5 Minutes Ago – 6 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #87

This is a mixed bag again. I actually found some Weekend Sky photos from the 22nd January which I didn’t include in my last weekend sky post. These are the first two. The clouds cleared after a while to a hot day and storm in the afternoon.

Looking to the north, the blue skies were coming

Now to this mornings sky from the small deck. I was up late enough for the sun to be peeking above the horizon and trees. A bit of blue sky and wispy clouds

To the north, the clouds were drifting so I expect another hot sunny day is in the offering.

I went into the garden to see if there was anything else happening. This is the sky about three minutes later. I don’t know if it’s going to be a rainy day or a hot sunny one. All I know is that it is warm and humid already.