In the wilds of Durranbah

Terri’s Sunday Stills: It’s a #Wild(life) World

I have been flicking through the other wild creatures from around the world and I find that mine aren’t as fearsome…well maybe some are for you….but they are wild.

Yes my folk who know what to expect get that scrolling finger at the ready.

But first a bit of false security, a few butterflies

Orchard Swallowtail, Blue Triangle, Scarlet Jezebel, Black Jezebel

Echidna digging in when he heard me coming

Brown Antechinus released from a trap in the house and relocated to the bush where it should be living, not my pantry.

A surprised Brush-tailed Possum who was sleeping in the shed

A White-faced Heron that landed in a tree next to the house

A small Bandy-bandy on a log. I just love the name that’s why it’s been included

Always look out for Red-bellied Black Snakes in the wood pile

Red-bellied Black Snake

A Copper-headed Skink looks suspiciously at me

A Goanna patrolling the garden

Carpet Snakes like to sleep on the verandah rafters where it’s warm

If you stop in the bush, always look down just in case you are standing near some Bullants

Thanks for getting through the wildlife of Durranbah. Here is your reward, a Red-necked Wallaby and her Joey

*Durranbah is the name of my property

46 thoughts on “In the wilds of Durranbah

  1. Butterflies, Snakes, and possums, oh my! What an incredible array of wild critters, Brian! And the fact that you have pics of all of these, wow! After the spiny antechinus and those scary bull ants, the fuzzy wallabies were an adorable welcome. They sure look like deer, don’t they? I wonder if wallabies fill the same niche in nature there as deer do here? One of those left-over biology concepts I read about 100 years ago! Excellent shots of the wild! Have a great week!

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  2. apart from the quick scrolling because they all came together I have loved exploring what you have around your place. That Brown Antechinus was probably a male trying to avoid the breeding season!!

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    1. Thanks Ann-Christine. I do have to limit my snakes and spiders as some people do have phobias. Bandy Bandys have lovely markings. They are also called Hoop Snakes but I like Bandy Bandy better πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. Yes they are venomous except the Carpet Snake so it is best to keep an eye out even just wandering in the garden. Having Wallabies around the house is quite delightful thanks Julie πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. Actually smaller. Must be camera angle plus I was holding the trap trying to juggle the camera too as they shoot away as soon as they hit the ground πŸ™‚


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