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The other day when I was walking about town waiting for my car to be repaired, I decided to walk over to a small wetland which is really a storm water retention pond. As I neared the pond a couple of Ibis flew from where they were standing and onto a nearby fence. This caused a black feral cat to bolt from the edge of the pond, where it was hiding in the long grass, to a small gap under the nearby hockey club house.

It was then I saw the Wood Ducks. Wood Ducks are everywhere in Australia and have adapted to European colonisation with more water sources like this storm water pond. They are dabbler ducks meaning they feed or dip on the surface and don’t dive like other ducks.

This couple of Wood Ducks had some company.

“OK everyone, stay together”

“Dad is going that way so everyone follow Mum”

“Just stay together…..that means you too Carl”

“Quickly….everyone paddle and get closer to Mum”

“That’s a great bit of grouping…….keep paddling”

“OK, we’re going over this way now….everyone get ready to turn”

After my last effort with showing a bit of wildlife, perhaps I should add this one to Sunday Still: It’s a #Wild(life) World too which isn’t a scary is it?

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  1. Oh these are great shots! Baby animals, no matter what they are, bring such happiness to observe. I would watch ducklings with their parents when we lived on the river and I really miss that quite a bit. Really excellent captures.

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