Dive right in

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Taking the #Plunge

A Lewins Honeyeater decides to have a bath.

“This looks like a great place for a quick dip”

“Well….in I go”

“That was rather bracing!”

“Time to get out and dry off”

“Good. The sun is finally out again.”

15 thoughts on “Dive right in

    1. The birds will love you for it. Get more than one. Some put down lower will attract those who prefer that. A shallow dish on a hot day is good for lizards πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re so kind to do so! What do you use to clean it? Just water? I ask because I wonder what to do with our bird baths, they get really yucky looking sometimes. I do use a brush to clean off the surface but am afraid to use any cleaner…

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        1. Just a stiff brush and water. Birds aren’t that fussy as long as the water is cleanish and muck isn’t disturbed from the bird bath when they splash around. No chemicals

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