Shades of Grafton #12 – Modern style

Ludwig’s Monday Windows

I will have to look for more of the newer types (read 1960’s 1970’s) like these few I have found or even newer would be astounding!

Along came aluminum, gone are the decorative side panels and brackets. See how these brackets are a different angles for the size of the window shade. I would have thought the heat from the bricks would get trapped under the shade. Maybe that’s why the brackets are skinny.

Emulating the older bullnose iron style. Again, maybe the height helps with not getting heat trapped.
The older one on the building opposite will be along soon, maybe next post

These are the first newer window shades I photographed.

The one and only tiled one I have found. I love the brackets. I didn’t notice the one in the background so will have to try to find this one again.

15 thoughts on “Shades of Grafton #12 – Modern style

    1. I thought they might be as well but they looked shorter than the windows and not sure if they do come down to cover the windows. We do get bad storms but not regular enough to be concerned about the windows

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    1. They would be more like storm shutters wouldn’t they be in Florida?
      I would have thought the hotter parts of the US may have window shades


    1. That would be good if we still had a local paper. It is now online and behind a paywall. I don’t know anyone who subscribes. It was a poor paper in the latter years anyway. I do like the differences in the styles and materials over the years as well

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