A bit of colour is always good

Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Challenge: Views in #Violet
Cee’s FOTD

The tiny Native Violet in the garden

A Nodding Violet with a few water drops

A native flower that grows on my place. Possibly a Blue Howittia.

Another Nodding Violet from the rear

Water Lillies always make a statement

Another native flower on my place – ready for the name Leafy Purple Flag Wild Iris, with a bonus Hover Fly

Beautiful Bearded Iris

Native Wisteria Wild Sarsparilla ramble everywhere

Common Wisteria with a bonus Grass Dart Butterfly

The Wisteria colonnade at the Boboli Gardens Florence

21 thoughts on “A bit of colour is always good

  1. Love all the blues, especially the wisteria. I’d planted a wisteria 3 years before I sold my house when I downsized after the death of my husband. Recently, my buyers (who became friends) invited me to see the garden and what a glorious sight my wisteria was. It hadn’t bloomed during my time there and I’m quite envious of anyne who’s got one in their garden. That and a magnolia – my current garden is too small for trees like that. Your Native Wistaria isn’t too bad either! Love the deep purple shade.

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