It’s open

The Photo a Week Challenge: Open

Lesser Wanderer Butterfly

Frangipanni in my garden

Beautiful Blue Triangle Butterfly

Square-tailed Kite soaring over my place

Where is my dinner!!!!

You make me laugh

A bit of colour is always good

Sunday Stills Monthly Colour Challenge: Views in #Violet
Cee’s FOTD

The tiny Native Violet in the garden

A Nodding Violet with a few water drops

A native flower that grows on my place. Possibly a Blue Howittia.

Another Nodding Violet from the rear

Water Lillies always make a statement

Another native flower on my place – ready for the name Leafy Purple Flag Wild Iris, with a bonus Hover Fly

Beautiful Bearded Iris

Native Wisteria Wild Sarsparilla ramble everywhere

Common Wisteria with a bonus Grass Dart Butterfly

The Wisteria colonnade at the Boboli Gardens Florence