Some “E’s” are here

Cee’s Mid-Week madness Challenge: April Letter E at the beginning or ending of a word

The last pink for April

Life in Colour April: Pink

A few days ago Jude asked if we could find any pink buildings. I had a few drive and walk arounds but didn’t find any pink buildings. I was looking at Travel With Intent’s Pinkitecture and thought it’s the last day and I didn’t find any pink buildings. Suddenly I remembered my time in Venice and a day trip to Burano and hopefully could find the building. Well I did so here is my last photo for Life in Colour: Pink

Bright Square #30

Becky’s Bright Squares

The sun is setting on Bright Squares, thanks for visiting my posts and hope you enjoyed some of the photos and the songs I chose to go with the images.

The sunset through the bush on my place. I don’t get to see much of sunsets or sunrises living in a forest