Black Beans

Franks Tuesday Photo Challenge: Row

Black Bean Trees, Castanospermum australe, are growing on my place. The seed pods can measure up to 100mm in length. Most have three to five beans to a pod. Yes beans in a row.

180811_blog challenge_row_black beans

Some pods have just a couple. The Black Beans are quite big weighing around 30 grams.
180811_blog challenge_row_black beans_more

The leaves and beans are toxic to animals and humans in the raw state. It is great to make tiny canoes from the pods and race them down the river.
Some flowers of the Black Bean Tree. Flowers in a row.
black bean tree_flowers_named_home_nov 2017

22 thoughts on “Black Beans

      1. But off the record – we had at least two asshole scout leaders – one was real bad and in hind sight I would have not stayed that year with his group – still get a knot cos he was a mean-spirited person – and he had an autistic son and sometimes (in my experience as a mom in groups with them – not wearing my counselor hat- but as a fellow parent) there were times (not always – but sometimes phases) when parents of autistic children were funky, defensive, or off- so I just assumed this was the biggest factor for this leader and gave him way too much grace (and we do not always ax things that are not smooth) but later I saw the complete ugly person he was and thankfully my son did not feel his ugliness too much – ugh

        But thankfully our last year in scouts we had this amazing amazing dude – nice way to end –
        Side note – I think scouts is in the way out

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      2. That’s not good is it? I was lucky. We had the best Scout Leaders. I am still in contact with Neil and around 15 of the troop (those who are still alive) Scouts gave me a love of the bush and bush living. We did so many fabulous things. Yes I think it is too but there has been a bit of a resurgence here in the past few years. It would be a different experience now that girls are part of the movement We were quite rough and tumble back then. Quite often came home from a meeting with a bruise or a bit of skin off lol

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