The Eastern Spinebill

Over Winter, Eastern Spinebills come and hang around my garden. Although there isn’t many flowers one Grevillea has lovely little flowers which the Eastern Spinebills enjoy.

I think this Spinebill wants to be a Hummingbird

eastern spinebill01_grevillea_named_home_august 2018

Eyes open to make sure of the connection.
eastern spinebill02_grevillea_named_home_august 2018

Some wing flapping for adjustment.
eastern spinebill03_grevillea_named_home_august 2018

Keep flapping and contact.
eastern spinebill04_grevillea_named_home_august 2018

And just as fast………gone
eastern spinebill_grevillea_gone_named_home_august 2018

19 thoughts on “The Eastern Spinebill

      1. I have now. Pity about the Macas. Make sure they let you know when they are going to spray the trees with the toxic mix so you can close up and go away for the day. One of the reasons my bestie sold her place.

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      2. ouch, the plantation directly next to me is being replaced with a commercial nursery so they are just leaving a row of maccas for privacy but that back area is a huge farm. Really appreciate the warning as I had no idea … do they really need to use poisons?

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