Close Up

The word prompt on the Tuesday Photo Prompt: Close Up

I love close up photography. So many photos to choose from so here is just a few of my Close Ups

The Welcome Swallow was just as interested in what I was doing as I him.
180819_blog challenge_close up_welcome swallow

The Wanderer Butterfly wing has so many patterns and colours
180819_blog challenge_close up_wanderer butterfly wing

The Green Tree Frog seemed happy to see me and my camera
180405_blog challenge_smile_frog
A Tawny Frogmouth just looking in on what you are doing
tawny frogmouth_face_named_binna burra_nov 2017

Many Types of Dog

The Ragtag Daily prompt of the day: Dog

There are many different types of what could be called Dog.

There are the doggies in the window
180228_odd ball_inside outside_dogs

There are tired dogs
truck_dog_m-bah_named_jan 2014

There are dogs that hang around
170829_blog challenge_beforeandafter_dogcolour

There are dogs that artists make when they are outdoors and inspiration strikes

There are solid rock dogs

There are soft floaty cloud dogs
171207_blog challenge_squaresky_dogcloud

There are playful dogs
171113_blog challenge_wish_dog

There are dogs who have looks
mini_sceptical_named_binna burra_april 2018
There are dogs who like to rough and tumble

Everyday Moments

The word prompt from Amy at the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Everyday Moments

My everyday moments often involve just things that happen around my place. This is something that happens everyday here. The last photos are the main point of the everyday moment. The first ones are to set the scene.

The succulent spear has started to grow taller with an orange tinge.
180819_blog challenge_everyday moments_agave flower01

Once the flower develops, the buds open up and the flowers turn orange.
180819_blog challenge_everyday moments_agave flower02

This is the everyday moment at my place. The tiny Stingless Native Bees (Tetragonula carbonaria) come to collect the orange pollen in their pollen pouches. These bees are 4mm in size.
180819_blog challenge_everyday moments_agave flower03_bees

You can just see the pollen on their legs. Such a out of focus photo sorry and today is quite windy so they aren’t about at the moment to get a better photo for you.
180819_blog challenge_everyday moments_agave flower04_bees

Another Stingless Native Bee has gotten the message and flies in to join the others from the hive.
180819_blog challenge_everyday moments_agave flower05_bees