A Photo a Day Keeps Boredom Away – The Wattles

Debbies word prompt: A photo a Day

I have been trying to remain positive even though the rain has become scarce, the garden is hard to keep water to and the forest around the house is starting to show signs of a lack of water. The usually climatic systems have changed as they do periodically. A lot of Australia is in drought conditions, water is becoming scarce, most farmers are having a difficult time deciding what to do with their stock, whether to plant crops or what to do which is the best for their families. Many appeals have been put in place to assist the best we can. My town is trying to do whatever we can for those west of the Great Dividing Range. Not only are the farms being affected but the businesses in the towns are having a hard time. No cash flow for the farms means a lack of spending in the town. Many appeals are focused on the farms but the small business in towns are suffering as well. No one is spending on the luxury of having a hair cut, getting the kids to the dentist, buying that bit of pleasure whether it be a bar of chocolate or even having lunch in town while you shop for the basics you need to keep your family going.

  I am fortunate that I no longer have stock to feed (only have one chook now) or even have a vege garden (possums have paid price to that luxury) but I have a garden that gives me pleasure. I feel like a bad parent as I decide which plants to water and who I hope will survive. Last year, the dam that I use to water the garden had a leak and the full dam I relied upon to get me though the normally dry Winter, is now around one quarter or less.

Back to the subject of this post. At this time of year, my home is ringed by the heady scent and yellow profusion of Wattles – Acacia fibriata or Fringe Wattle. The dryness has resulted in a reduced amount of blooms and are not the vibrant yellow that normally rings the place.

I have tried to use selective colour to highlight the wattles but as you can see, the dryness of my place has made the highlighting of the yellow of wattles diminished.

180811_wattles_named_home_august 2018

18 thoughts on “A Photo a Day Keeps Boredom Away – The Wattles

    1. Thanks Debbie. It wasn’t supposed to be like this but once I started it just kept rolling. By the time the Spring rains come )hopefully) the wattle flowers will be gone.


    1. It is a sad state of affairs. The denial of climate change, human impacts of our planet and the reluctance of politicians to lead and change what we are doing to this world. Some of us are doing our small part and hope the rest will catch up eventually before it’s too late to reverse the damage. Thanks for your comment Becky ❤

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  1. I am sorry for you and your farmers, animals and crops – this year has brought the trouble of drought here as well. The farmers are desperate, and every day we read about farmers being stolen from – I guess some people steal the cattle food and sell it for a high amount of money…So sad. And the wild animals are starving. the hedgehogs I usually have in my garden I seldom see. Today one tiny creature came forward so I could feed it some minced meat. I cannot be sure they get it otherwise – cats are roaming, magpies always on the lookout.
    Our election is coming up soon, and my vote goes to the green party who are the only ones that want a quick and tough start forward for the climate. for example all fossil based fuel for cars and all oil heating is to be banned and out of use before 2025. And many other helpful laws to come. Taxes on flights. We have to start immediately.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Ann-Christine. It is so sad that the native animals are also suffering. The number of birds and animals that are usually around my house is less this year. I have a feral cat who has just turned up here. The first one for a while. So glad that you are trying to be part of the solution 🙂


      1. You might think we all should, shouldn’t we. But just like in the US we now have a party here declaring they are skeptical to climate changes and want to increase fossil fuel etc. What scares me is that many people vote for them. Sticking their heads in the sand.
        At least my family and my friends do what they can to help nature.
        Love you for what you do as well.

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      2. Yes. Same here. Increase the coal mines which are devastating the Great Barrier Reef, a modern Wonder of the World. It’s all about money and what they can do for their mates in business. Keep up the good fight


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