Butcherbirds and Chain Saws

It has been quite some time since Pied Butcherbirds have come to investigate a possible snack when I have been cutting wood.

The first I knew the Pied Butcherbirds were about was when I was cutting something flashed past in the corner of my eye and landed in a tree near me.
pied butcher bird01_chain saw_named_home_july 2018

Hanging on no matter what the size of the tree is to look around the cutting site.
pied butcher bird02_chain saw_named_home_july 2018
On the end of the log you can see among the already cut rounds of timber, hoping an insect will scurry about.pied butcher bird05_chain saw_named_home_july 2018
These two looked in the bark that I stripped from the log so the chainsaw would get blocked with the fibres from the bark.pied butcher bird03_chain saw_named_home_july 2018

I think they may have found a few insects. Under the bark were some wood cockroaches hibernating. It took a while for the wood cockroaches to think about moving when I first pulled the bark back.pied butcher bird04_chain saw_named_home_july 2018

Overall there was four Pied Butcherbirds rummaging in the bark and the cut pieces of tree. They never sat close enough to get all four in the one photo. The last time the sound of the chainsaw bought Pied Butcherbirds around was over ten years ago. I wonder where they have been?


Yes…….benches. Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Benches

The stone bench in a Museum in Bologna. It was surprisingly comfortable.
180420_blog challenge_seating_museum verona

The wonderful wooden bench my friend made at his property
170718_bandw challenge_things of wood_old seat

The garden bench at my place.
180727_blog challenge_black and white_benches


Bushboy’s World by Brian

Thanks Kate for the pushing to get me to be out there, There’s a lot about me that you don’t know and some that has been posted before. I have never reblooged before so maybe I should start. Do you reblog? Enjoy a travel through bushboys world, Drop me a line and say hi. Promise to write back.

Meet the Bloggers

Can’t recall when I first found Bushboy’s blog but his bird photos are exceptional.  We’ve chatted through the comments section [where many a good friendship starts] and recently he posted a poem … talent!  Then doing this interview I found he also has a series which is well worth reading.  So please click on the links below or it will be your loss…

Please give a brief personal background and talk about your hobbies/interests?
I have included links about me from my blog so I guess you’ll just have to have a read if you really want to find out more about this bushboy.

I really enjoy gardening as it brings nature close. Many photos are taken from my verandah or looking out of the door or window of my office while sitting in my chair. I love nature and the world around me.

Quite often there is music playing…

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Getting Close

The theme from Terri: #Macro or Close-up Photography; Is there a difference?

I enjoy getting in close to our world, exploring the small details in nature. Here’s a few photos for your enjoyment.

Macro – The face of a fly
170711_blog challenge_bugs_yellow face fly

Macro – The miniature world of fungi and moss
170622_blog challenge_vision_moss_fungi

Close-up – Getting in close with an Ibis.
170913_blog challenge_texture_bandw_ibis

Close-up – with a Pelican
171228_blog challenge_white_pelican face

Macro – A rivet head on the Grafton Bridge
rust04_grafton bridge_named_august 2015

Close-up – the rust on a chain.

Close-ups or Macros? What do you think?


Another Winter Visitor

The last few weeks has seen a lot of small birds in my garden and in the forest around the house. One little bird, a Striated Pardalote, has hopped onto the verandah most mornings looking for insects among the windows and doors or just on the verandah boards.  A lovely colourful visitor who has a hole in a gully wall where it has made a nest. I am yet to find the nest.

striated pardalote_named_home_july 2018

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 3

Topics include – Purple, Colours, Wood, Garage, Vintage Cars

A Fig Bird on the nest among the Purple Jacaranda flowers
fig bird01_nest_grafton_named_nov 2015

Not really a Vintage Car but a fabulous truck
truck_dog_m-bah_named_jan 2014

A Wood fungus
fungi_wood_named_home_june 2015

The wonderful Colour on a leaf
coloured leaf_named_binna burra_july 2017

See other fun found at Cees



The Ragtag Daily Prompt: Reflection

Early morning
A branch upon the shore
Placed by waves
The night before.
Water drifts
Around the wood
In a place
Where ancients stood.
Their time has past
To be never more
Branches still wash
Upon the shore