The Ragtag Daily prompt #67: Spiral

Ever downward
Never knowing
never ending.
going round.
joined but apart.
Ever downward
reaching up
for air.
Never knowing
never ending.

plane_parachute_crop_lismore air show_named_july 2018


Here come the planes

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the Lismore Air Show. There were some fabulous planes on exhibition but the flying was spectacular.

I don’t know all the planes so here is just a few of the photos I took plus a video of the crazy blokes flying stunt planes.

The crowd was quite big and it was an unseasonably hot day. Being on the tarmac and the exhibits being in metal hangers didn’t help either.

crowd_lismore air show_named_august 2018

Some planes were much much bigger than others
big plane_lismore air show_named_july 2018

AQ propeller shot and a stunted selfie.
plane_selfiel_lismore air show_named_july 2018

The nose of this plane was a bit off the ground.
plane_nose_lismore air show_named_july 2018

“OK….now I push this button, watch the gauge, flick a toggle switch, watch the other gauge, move the joy stick, watch the gauge, talk on the radio, watch another gauge and shit….what’s that warning for, read the warning, watch the gauge, push a button….see I told you flying was easy”
plane_cockpit_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Even the commercial flights tried to get among the action.
plane_commercial_lismore air show_named_july 2018

So did the birds. A Black Kite thought it was just as fast.
plane_bird_lismore air show_named_july 2018

They flew all around the airport and surrounding district.
plane1_flying_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Those wheel look rather small to me
plane2_flying_lismore air show_named_july 2018

I think this pilot preferred flying upside down
plane_upsidedown_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Some planes didn’t get off the ground
plane_toy_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Although some pilots looked like they were going fast.
plane_toy_pilot_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Flying in a straight line is easy
plane_stunt1_lismore air show_named_july 2018

I hope that wasn’t an essential part of his plane.
plane_stunt_bits_lismore air show_named_july 2018

I wondered why two planes took off together
two planes_flying_lismore air show_named_july 2018

It became clear. See the small yellow dot in the last spiral?
plane_parachute_lismore air show_named_july 2018

That small yellow dot was a person.
pro 2019 test

Imagine parachuting with a crazy bloke in a plane circling you
plane_parachute_close_lismore air show_named_july 2018

He also liked to get up close to the crowd. I hope the people from the house on the hill like planes
plane_close_lismore air show_named_july 2018

When we were going home, this tiny plane was flying around.
plane_going_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Back at my besties place, later in the afternoon, the RAAF did a bit of a fly over the Air Show site and turned around overhead to fly back again.
plane_airforce_lismore air show_named_july 2018

Here is my video of the stunt planes

Thanks for visiting the Air Show with me.