Warning!!! Do not look at this post. It is lethal

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Lethal

Of course you know me, I am going to post something lethal.

There is a story to the photos.

I was doing a bit of gardening, weeding here and there, planning on expanding the size of the garden and moving the rock border.

Well, I worked out what I am going to do and started shifting the garden border rocks.

Much to my surprise there it was, all ready to have a go.

I hoped it would stay as I replaced the rock and went inside for my camera as I don’t carry my camera when I garden. For those who need to stop, here is a pretty picture of my garden

As you can see I am stretching out the post so those who are afraid of lethal insects can stop now, close the post and sigh a big relief that they weren’t scared out of their wits.

Those brave souls who have decided to continue on, let’s get to the photos of a Mouse Spider, a common spider but seldom seen around my garden.

Oh yeah, one gardening tip is to always wear gloves as you never know what you may encounter.

Are you ready?

Here is the Mouse Spider all fanged up and ready to strike

Some mouse spiders have a very toxic venom which is potentially as dangerous as that of the Sydney Funnel-web Spider. However, few cases of serious envenomation have been reported. Unlike funnel-web spiders, the mouse spider is believed to use less venom and possibly even “dry bite”. https://australian.museum/learn/animals/spiders/mouse-spiders/

46 thoughts on “Warning!!! Do not look at this post. It is lethal

  1. How large was the spider? Glad it didn’t scurry away while you went for your camera. It looks like you got very close for the front view. Brave. I happen to like spiders and snakes and all insects except earthworms. Caterpillars, no problem. This spider looks a bit like a scorpion in front. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I moved slowly through, thinking it was going to be a snake! I don’t mind spiders, but I have to say, I wouldn’t want to meet that spider in my yard. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about what I will encounter while gardening!

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  3. I love that bottom photo. It looks like it’s glowing orange inside – perfect for Halloween!. I was hoping that their name meant that they number mice amongst their prey, but I see it’s based on mistaken belief that they dig burrows like mice, which is a much less colorful image.

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  4. What do you expect? Reading that title I had to click on your post immediately. It’s a given πŸ˜†
    I’ve also showed to my son who wanted to excuse himself from weeding in our garden this afternoon. All I had to say was: “Count your blessings!” How big is that spider, btw? Next time when you run for your camera, bring something that can be used as a scale as well (alternatively, use your finger 😘).

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    1. A good click bait title wins again. Mouse Spiders are about 30mm in body length. I was thinking of making some sort of scale ruler for the flowers and insects I photo. For some of the things around here there is no way a finger will be used πŸ‘€πŸ˜

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