I’m going to Su’s

Time to get ready for Su’s virtual afternoon tea

I shall add my bit from Australia for Su as she said “As it’s te wiki o te reo Māori (Māori language week) in Aotearoa New Zealand, I’m challenging myself to improve my te reo (language) skills wherever I can.”

Kia ora
“Whatever we call it though, there is ti in the pot; te mīhini kawhe (the coffee machine) is at the ready and although the kai (food) is simple, there’s plenty to fill your puku (stomach).”

Here is my contribution – I have used te mīhini kawhe and made a cup and also have mongamonga keke

So haere mai ki te hono atu ki a Su me etahi atu. Nau mai te katoa. So come along and join Su and everyone else. Everyone is welcome

27 thoughts on “I’m going to Su’s

  1. Goodness I can almost understand that. Must be from spending so much time with Su 😊 Enjoy the cake, looks delish. I do happen to have some chocolate fudge cake in the fridge and some clotted cream, but I’m not sharing… 😅

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    1. It was a fab fruit cake and I make a great coffee. Lot’s to learn. There was a TV show called The Casketeers which showed a bit of Maori life and death. It was very funny and was also educational 🙂 I’ll be there for chocolate fudge cake as soon as I can Jude 😀 😀

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