They may be Seagulls

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge: Seagulls

I have a sister who looks like me

We like to stand at the beach with our friends….socially distanced of course

I can run

I can dance

I don’t mind standing on a fence and people watch….perhaps there might be chips

I can fly with a whole flock when the sound of a chip hits the ground….even let the Terns come as well

I can fly and look scary

Often I’ll just stand on the beach, watch the sunset and chill after a busy day

Pick-a-Word 30 August

I am glad that Ann-Christine has prompted Paula to get back into the Pick a Word Challenge which is one of my favourite photo challenges. So let’s get started with this Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112 Pick-a-Word

Here are the five words selected and my interpretation of the word prompts






Let’s look at spirals

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Spiral

Man made spiral

Natures spiral in the garden – a Frasers Banded Snail an Australian native snail

Spirals at the beach

Another spiral in the garden ready to unfurl to showy brilliance

Or photographic spirals made by me

Man, nature or me…..spirals if you look for them.