Is it pink?

The Weekend Challenge – Calamine

This word made me think of an Australian singer, Billy Thorpe. He was/is a legend of the Australian music scene. This was one of his first hits, which so many of you would know has been done by so many people, the Rolling Stones 1964, The Coasters 1959, Manfred Mann 1965, Dave Clarke Five 1965, to name a few. More cover versions in the list here This is an early video of his appearance with his group The Aztecs on a great TV music show from the 60’s Australian Bandstand.

Billy Thorpe went on to do some great songs but sometimes came back to his old hits. This is almost fifty years later

Why does this post have anything to do with Calamine? Listen to the songs.

Why it takes me ages to do stuff

I thought I would do a re-post for Lisa’s Bird Weekly Photo Challenge. This week is Domesticated Birds

Also for Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Again

I often go outside to do things around the house such as splitting firewood, or a bit of gardening, work on the car for instance. Sometimes I get asked “Where have you been? You’ve been gone for ages and lunch/dinner is ready.” Or “What has taken you so long? You were just going to split a wheelbarrow of firewood.”

Well, you see I have some helpers. Oh, so you have helpers I hear you say. So it shouldn’t take you very long to do stuff if there are helpers!!!

My helpers are always there whenever I go outside, ready to be with me to see what they can do to make my jobs a lot easier. Yes, everywhere I go they always tag along to make sure I do a good job.

This is how they help in the garden.

Just so you know I had put a small plant in the garden right there.

“Did you say something?” she said.

At the chopping block. I am always telling them to watch out as a block of wood flies off the block.

“Hey. Got any white ants or bugs up here?” If I stop to get another block to split, there is always a chook up there!

Now you would think that working on the car, compressor going, the sound of air tools and perhaps a bit of language from me, would be not the place to be wouldn’t you?
chooks_under car_named_home_2017

“I think I’ll settle in here for a while.”
chook_under car_named_home_2017

I love my chooks and don’t really mind with their “help”……most of the time.

Pick a Word #1 Sept 2020

The return of my long time favourite photo challenge from Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word

“Now if you forgot how to participate in this photo challenge, read the following:

  • you may choose one or several or all of the provided words and illustrate them in your own photos
  • when you post your entry to this challenge link to my post and/or leave a link to yours in the comment section bellow
  • you may, but are not obligated to, take a widget underneath and display it on your post (blog)
  • the fact that I am using other people’s music by uploading it from my library does not mean that you have to do the same – I just like scores with my images
  • the deadline would be before the next PAW post which is already foreseen for 1 October, but I really do not care about deadlines, so whenever you are ready.”

I am ready to go at last, Here are Paulas words and my photographic interpretation






If you haven’t had a go at Paula’s Pick a Word have a go. You will love this challenge.

A bit of orange

Kate’s Friday Fun: Orange

Let’s start with a bit of a song to get you in an orange mood

Mostly macro in this bunch of images
A tiny shiny orange fungi

Orange beak and legs, as Kate said, strolling along the beach

Orange eyes of a Brown Ringlet Butterfly

Orange Trumpet flowers are the Spring flowers here now

There is always the orange of a Honey Gem Grevillea flowering in the garden

The delicate orange of the Frangipanni

The wild orange of a Leopard Lily

The vibrant orange of a setting sun

My friend said to me “Nothing rhymes with orange!”
“No it doesn’t,” I said.