Making faces

The Weekend Challenge: The Face

So many
have a face.
Do you
see them
through the shops.
I do
they are
making faces
they are there
inanimate faces
they are always looking
for you
making faces.

Smug tree

Ghostly water

Skeleton tree

An unfortunately named Jap Pumpkin *why

The goofy slippers

The shocked incense burner

It’s in the feathers

Bird Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds With Green Feathers

Rainbow Lorikeet

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

King Parrot male then female (updated this morning)

I am sorry to mislead you, this is a juvenile about to change to a male

This is a female taken this morning in my garden at the feeder

Rainbow Bee-eaters

Female Satin Bowerbird

Green Catbird