The Zephyr

Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Zephyr

James was quite happy that Dad said they would go and look at cars. James had his licence for only a few weeks buy Dad thought he was ready to have his own car.

“This is exciting,” said James, “Imagine me driving to my friends place in my flash car.”

They got into the family Holden station wagon which had seen better days. Three kids jumping around on the back seat, the smell of Sam the smelliest dog in the world Mum reckoned and a front bench seat that had seem better days. There was a story that one night, before they were married, Dad put the front seat into the recline position so he and Mum be more comfortable watching the movie at the Drive-In. Trouble was he couldn’t get the seat back upright again so he had to hang onto the steering wheel and drive. Mum opted to get into the back seat.

“Which car yard are we going to Dad? asked James.

“Not a car yard,” said Dad, “I have a mate who is selling his car as he doesn’t drive it as much any more.”

“I hope it’s a great car with all the stuff I’d love in a car,” James said. “What colour is it?”

“I think he said it was white.” James looked crestfallen. Noticing the look Dad said “but the interior is red” “Apparently it is quite a reliable car which will be good,” Dad said. “I don’t want to be fixing your stuff forever.”

“Is it a auto or has it manual gears,” James said hoping for a manual as they were more fun to drive. A manual dad said as they neared their destination. As they drew up to the front of Dave’s place, there was the car, gleaming white in the drive and the chrome dazzled.

James just sat there, mouth open. What the fuck is that he thought. That’s not a car, it’s a relic from some bygone forgotten era.

Dad and Dave started to wax lyrical about the virtues of the Ford Zephyr while James thought about what his friends were going to say.

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Type:Standard Car
Drive side:Right-hand drive

There were quite a lot of Zephyrs manufactured in Australia from the 1950’s to around 1962 from English specifications. Australia went a bit further and built Zephyr Station Wagons and Utes modifying the English designs. (source

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      1. Or a Ford Escort, or Falcon; an XR Holden, a Mini or a Morris Minor (I had both of the latter). Tโ€™s first car was a bambina (heโ€™s 6โ€™ 4โ€) he inherited from his grandmother.

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      2. He’d largely stopped driving it when I met him, though I do remember a particularly hair-raising trip to visit friends. I seem to remember the sun-roof off and a head sticking out.

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  1. Poor James. Nothing worse than your imagination crashing head on into reality. Nowadays, I imagine the Zephyr is something of a retro classic. I remember the name, but I can’t say I remember the car, but I’ve never been much of a car person.

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      1. Yes – it sure would! When we were in Miami – they sell a lot of these miniature cars. Some like the one you have here – and lots of oldies –
        I know it connected to their past – but was surprised to see them everywhere – so many stores had little
        End units with the die cast cars

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