5 Minutes ago – 14 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #63

So glad to have Weekend Sky back after an April break Hammad. I didn’t take any Saturday morning photos from the usual spot as they would have all looked much like these. I have had quite a wet few months and this morning was no exception. The sky is grey and I am not sure why the photos have a sepia look about them. All my weekend sky photos are untouched with post photo editing, apart from naming and now resizing.

The usual looking east photo

And looking north. The sun will soon be rising to the right hand side of the photo

Todays bonus photo is a Pied Currawong who came to sticky-beak at what I was doing, from the tree in the bottom right of the first photo, and about to make a fast getaway.

Your sky song for Saturday

13 thoughts on “5 Minutes ago – 14 May

  1. Hey Brian!
    Hope you are doing okay. I’m on my long-delayed round of checking over previous entries for Weekend Sky, so starting up from this one.
    Always a pleasure to view your sky 🙂

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    1. Thanks Hammad. I am doing OK Thanks. You have a mountain of entries to look at so good luck and hope you get a chance to have a rest. No need to comment on all of them I guess 🙂


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