5 Minutes ago – 29 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #54

Hammad had a little surprise for us this weekend and I thought I should as well for it’s Hammads birthday. I don’t have any cake or a lavish meal but I do have a surprise ending, not my normal weekend sky photo. Neither is my normal sky song. Happy birthday Hammad. Everyone can sing and dance….c’mon!!

Yesterday afternoon the electricity went out and stayed out until this afternoon. As it was dark and I had enough of trying to read by candlelight, I went to be quite early. As a result I awoke at around 3am. I found my tablet and decided to go through the comments and read others posts. Seeing that the sky was clear, I thought the morning photos may have some colour. I lay down again at around 5am and didn’t wake until almost 9am.

These are the usual photos, just a bit later than normal. As you can see the sun is a bit higher in the sky and the clouds have returned

The sky has given the photos almost a monochrome feel

OK, so you are still wondering where my surprise for Hammad is for his birthday. Well while I was in the sun room I noticed a glow on the horizon and I thought the sun was coming up. But no it was the moon so for the first time, here is a morning moon through the trees photo for Weekend Sky.

20 thoughts on “5 Minutes ago – 29 January

    1. Thanks Jez. I was surprised when I downloaded that I checked the camera to see if I had monochrome settings. I was happy how that moon photo turned out as well 🙂 🙂

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  1. Oh Wow!
    Apologies first for checking out this lovely birthday treat so late.
    Thank you so much for the song. Really loved it.
    As for the surprise, I’m as surprise as you are. These mornings, I’m also able to see morning moon, just a little before sunrise but I haven’t taken any pictures yet.
    Probably next month 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing these amazing sky captures with my challenge, Brian 🙂

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