Did you see it

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146 – Focusing on the Details

Like all photographers I like to find a subject and get set to take the photograph doing all the usual things which becomes innate after a while. Position of the subject, rule of thirds perhaps, lighting, background noise and all those things that make your photo the fabulous one you want.

One thing I like is after the photo has been taken and you plug the camera in to download and get a surprise to find something else in the image while you were busy focusing on the detail. Lets see what we can find among these photos.

Did you see the insect before or after seeing the Dandelion?

I wonder if you saw the flower buds or the spider or the insects who may not have known the spider was there too first

Was your focus drawn to the flowers detail, the Native Stingless Bees or the tiny jumping spider?

Getting in close to focus on the detail

The yellow Alamanda flower or the Ghost Crab Spider first?

In among the Torch Ginger flower lurks another tiny spider

I was after a photo of the small Billy Bonkers Grevillea flower as the light was so good, I didn’t see the ants

Another ant on a flower that was missed until down loading

Did you see the leaf, verandah boards, butterfly wing or the ant moving the wing?

An ants work is hard going

I didn’t see the Dwarf Eastern Tree Frog as the water lily flower looked so good in the late afternoon light

Who was inside the flower?

I hope you enjoyed trying to find what can be found while you focus on the detail.

39 thoughts on “Did you see it

  1. This was fun. Great captures too. I think my grandkids might like searching for β€œwhat else can you see?” In this photo. Very nice.

    Oh…and the first thing I noticed in the first photo was, wind kisses of course.

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    1. Thanks. I hope you can get them to have a look and search among the images. I was tempted to blow and see if I could get a photo of some blowing off into the wind πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. I wouldn’t have spotted any of them, though I’m using the iPad so perhaps my computer might have afforded a clearer larger view. Brilliant shots a always. πŸ™‚

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  3. Well Brian – you’ve proven that your ability to focus is outstanding. In every image, not only was the flower in focus but so too were the tiniest of insects! Love how you presented these, and also love that you share blossoms that are so unique to your environment vs mine. Wonderful!

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment Tina. Comments like these make my heart sing and feel that the effort in taking photos and posting them is worthwhile ❀ ❀

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  4. Great images, Brian and very crafty sneaking so many spiders in. I love finding surprises in photos after the fact. Flowers are particularly good for this because so many tiny creatures go back and forth on them.

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  5. A fun and beautiful post, Brian. Love it when I open photos on the computer and such surprises turn up! I see why you could have missed out on them – personaly I missed out on the tiny frog. Love your take on.

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