A look at some mountain tops

The Friendly Friday Blog Challenge: Mountain Top

I have a selection of mountain tops as well as a few views I hope you’ll enjoy. One of my favourite Australian mountain songs from a while ago to accompany your scroll among my mountain tops.

“You want me to be a mountain
I’d rather be a river
Water flow can wash a hill away
You wanted me to fly
I want to get high
How else am I gonna see what I want to see?”

Mt Vesuvius – Wollumbin (Mt Warning) distant view and closer – The Gibraltar Range near my place in the mist – The Dalmatians – view from the Raspberry Lookout on a stormy day – sunset over the mountain top

Look up there

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge – Birds Perched Up

This is a difficult challenge mainly from the point of view as what is perched up? perhaps some birds are perched but maybe not as up as at eye level. But then again maybe I am perched up so they are as well. Anyway lets have a song to listen while we scroll and enjoy a few birds on their perches.

I grouped the birds together. White-faced Heron, Egrets on fence posts, Satin Bowerbird female, Satin Bowerbird male, Satin Flycatcher, Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, Sulpher-crested Cockatoo, Little Corella,, Brahaminy Kite on a power pole, Black-shouldered Kite far away, Wedged-tailed Eagle, Gull on a statue, Willie wagtail on a cow, Lewins Honeyeater, Eastern Yellow Robin, Rose Robin.

A favourite bit purple

Life in Colour May: Purple

Jude want’s to know “What’s your favourite purple Picture?” Perhaps this one? A Blue-banded Bee in a Blue Ginger flower. Blue Ginger flowers vary in colour from a blue to a deep purple depending on the amount of sunlight, soils etc.

Simply paddling

Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Simple
Kate’s Friday Fun: Paddling

We all get out
onto the water
mother, father
son and daughter.

Uncle Harry often
paddles alone
better he says
away from the phone.

A simple life
seeking some food
to paddle and look
a calming mood.

But then sometimes
along comes a brood
everyone splashes
fighting for food

It’s then a couple
may just get up and walk
silently and simply
without a squawk.

Or think about
taking to the sky
yo get right away
it’s simple to fly.

So that was a simple tale
of ducks who paddle
some who fly
others who waddle.

Time to tone up those muscles

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

I just had to use Debbie’s title with a bit of a twist. This is a juvenile Black-necked Stork, The only endemic stork to Australia, stretching it’s wings getting ready to learn to fly and leave what is basically a cow paddock with a bit of water after the rain.

5 Minutes ago – 9 May

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #27

The morning started quite foggy but I was too weary to get up and grab a photos. These are a bit later. Had to add two this post as I like the light clouds and subtle blue. Later it became quite overcast and cool. Now the sun is shining and it’s warm.

Your sky song for today