Beginning to sweat as Summer approaches

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

In contrast to the northern Winter, here in Australia Summer approaches. While the days have been warm in the next few days the temperatures will be rising. In parts of my state, New South Wales, today temperatures are estimated to be in the low to mid 40’sC so it’s heading to 104F plus for the next few days. At least at my place it’s only 32C on the verandah but in the sun it’s rather warmer.

39 thoughts on “Beginning to sweat as Summer approaches

  1. Hard to imagine that heat, Brian. Though your lovely red and orange images help.
    It’s not cold here today (the fog is keeping us warm) but 40C still requires a big jump in the imagination. Enjoy your verandah!

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    1. Oh yes….and it hasn’t rained for ages. My lovely green landscape around the house has turned brown in the last three days. I pumped from the dam to the watering tank and gave most of the garden a good soak. My daughter said she cannot remember seeing the dam that low.


      1. They have been saying that the weather patterns have hanged and it’s going to rain….big rain. That has been for the last almost six weeks but only pathetic dribbles. It has to be a wet summer. I don’t think my nerves could cope with another very hot dry summer


      1. Yikes! I hope you can simply hang around without having to do anything. Keep cool (as possible)!
        Tomorrow morning it will be below zero when ik πŸš΄β€β™€οΈhome again from my partner’s home to my own. ❄️
        Perhaps we can exchange temperatures? πŸ˜‰

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