The A-team birds

The Bird Weekly Photo Challenge: Birds Starting With an A

This challenge made it easy living in Australia. There are quite a number but around here and on travels I only have a few, some I didn’t know their full name had Australian in it either.

Australian Figbird

Australian Raven

Australasian Grebe chick

Australian Gannet

Australian Magpie

Australasian Pipit

Australian Pelican

Australian White Ibis

Azure Kingfisher

29 thoughts on “The A-team birds

  1. Awesome “A” birds! That Pelican needs to be hanging on my wall! If you don’t know it, the Pelican is my favorite bird, but if you read my stuff…then you already know that. Wholly Cow! What an awesome shot! Our raven has black eyes, your raven has blue eyes…what’s up with that? LOL! Nice gallery of birds this week. 🙂

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    1. They are difficult to see. I have a pair in my garden at the moment and can hear them during the day. Often I’ll be outside and just see a flash of blue flying. Actually one is calling outside now!!!


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