Down the Road

Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge: The Road Not Taken

Down the road
what will we see
a road lees travelled
just you and me.

We enjoy the journey
the music plays loud
we both sing along
far from the city and the crowd.

In the mirror
the road and dust
we drive and drive
to the end we must.

Twists and turns
around fields of green
so many things
we find to be seen.

At last we are there
the place we can stay
let’s enjoy our picnic
rest, love and play.

Best friends

Fandango FOWC: Imitate

he said
we should go
and see what is
happening at the sculptures exhibit
Sure I said, that would be.

I said
we may even
see a photo opportunity
and get a photo to remember
look there is a reflection sculpture.

he said
lets get ready
we start to laugh
stop laughing I am shaking
I say trying to stay steady.

I said
are you set
yes he said counting
one two three lets click
here we are imitating each other