Looking around the home

Debbies weekly quotation-inspired image

“Tomorrow morning before we depart, I intend to land and see what can be found in the neighbourhood.”

– Christopher Columbus

Not too far from home, a Striated Pardalote looks about to see what can be found in her neighbourhood to feed her chicks

A kinda sparkly world

Day seven of Becky’s Square Photo Challenge for October: KindaSquare

Here is a recap of the rules for this Photo Challenge

  1. Take a square photograph of something that reflects the theme
  2. Create your post for any day in October, and pingback to one of my daily squares
  3. Include the theme’s tag – KindaSquare
  4. Leave a comment on my post as well as your link
  5. Whether you post squares or not, be a kind member of the Square team and make time to visit others and the square galleries

So jump in and post a photo or two……it’s fun