Right here, right now

HI everyone, thought I would give you a quick update as the RAIN disrupts my satellite feed.

Yes it has rained. Real rain not some plippy ploppy shower but the full thunder, lightning and even some marble sized hail. This will give my garden a few more weeks of survival. Some of the established plants have died. The Hippeastrums are just sending up flower spikes, perhaps some of the Grevilleas will prolong their flowering to give food for the honeyeaters and bees and the others will be content.

I am hoping this will quench the fires at are around me, some 30kms away but the smoke has been heavy and the whole house smells of smoke. I was starting to have fire anxiety combined with a touch of depression about the wonderful bush and the forest that I live, which was looking very dry and sad. Walking about the ground crunched under foot, the grass has gone as too has the understory. Even my biggest weed, the dreaded Lantana is looking quite parched.

I can’t wait for the first light so I can get out and about to see what these storms have delivered. I am sure the tracks will need some maintenance. I hope the dams have a bit more water and my wonderful waterhole will have a good supply of water for the birds and animals that call Durranbah home with me. The frogs have been singing since Thursday so they knew the rain was coming.

Thank you everyone who has been very supportive and have helped me be positive over the past almost 18 months. If you were here I would give you the biggest hug.


V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #64: Resilience  “There is a catch to this week’s challenge: I don’t want you to use the word itself, but to illustrate what resilience means to you.”

The Noisy Friarbird illustrates the word that cannot be mentioned
Taking on a Square-tailed Kitesquare-tailed-kite_friarbird_named_home_nov-2016
Disagreeing with some Blue-faced Honeyeatersblue faced honeyeaters_noisy friarbird_named_home_oct 2017
Bossy Rainbow Lorikeets meet their matchrainbow lorikeets_noisy friar bird_honey gem_grevillea_fight_named_home_oct 2018
Many a loud argument over ownership of the Honey Gem Grevillia in my garden

The battle with the Spangled Drongo ended in defeat in This is my postspangled drongo_my post8_named_home_oct 2018