Cows in the rain

On the weekend the farmer next door to my besties moved the electric fence so the cows could feast on the long pasture grass right next to the boundary fence. It was raining in the morning but the cows didn’t care, they were happy to munch away in the rain.

Here is the photos of the cows in the rain. I hope you enjoy.

cows1_rain_named_caniaba_feb 2020


cows4_rain_named_caniaba_feb 2020


cows2_rain_named_caniaba_feb 2020


cows5_rain_named_caniaba_feb 2020


cows3_rain_named_caniaba_feb 2020

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It’s raining

Here we go with a multiple photo challenge post again
The main object of the photos I took today were for Sunshine’s Macro Monday #30
and then I thought this is a good one for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere #16 inspired by his photo of red water droplets
Looking at my notifications I saw that Bren’s Photo for the Week – 57 – Flowers also fitted in for this series of images taken during another wonderful rain shower this morning.
Water drops were everywhere. Some vertical ready to slide20200224_blog challenge_macro_ponytail palm_green_water drops
Some just hanging20200224_blog challenge_macro_ponytail palm_water drops
Some were large with an upside-down view of the world20200224_blog challenge_macro_red leaf_rose_water drops
The water pooled on the Rose bush leaves20200224_blog challenge_macro_red leaf_water drops
and adorned the rose with jewels20200224_blog challenge_macro_rose_leaf_water drops
Not every one was happy that there was water, water everywhere20200224_blog challenge_water water_cow_rain

Changes in a day

This is not the usual post over the past year or so from me bemoaning how dry it is, fires have totally burnt my place, isn’t it hot for this time of year or my garden is dying.

No it’s not!!!

Prompted by a Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Wonderland

This is about this wonderland called Australia, my home and place I love. Let me preface the next few words and photos with the second stanza of a famous Australian poem – My Country by Dorethea Mackellar

“I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of drought and flooding rains,
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel sea,
Her beauty and her terror –
The wide brown land for me.”

These words are so apt for me at the moment as it is raining. Not just raining but actual downpours of wonderful wonderful rain. Over the past two days I have measured one hundred mls of rain falling on my blacked landscape. The dry parched earth is a tumult of rushing water filling dams and water tanks. I am sure you would like to see a bit. I ventured out to get a few images for you, juggling an umbrella and my camera in the pouring rain
Look puddlespuddle_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
The grass has started to sprout already. My place is going from brown to greengrass_green_grow_ground_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
I can never tire of watching water flow into my water tanks or hearing the rain on the roof and gurgling down the water pipes and into the water tankwater_tank_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
One amazing phenomena of the eucalyptus trees foaming.tree_foam_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020


bark_foam_tree_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020

“Essentially what’s happening is as rain falls on trees it’s dissolving chemicals off the leaves and bark and the compounds the trees produce act as a natural soap,” he said.

“Because of it acting like a detergent, water will then basically foam up as it’s running down the tree trunk.”

Mr Warren said the chemicals were produced mostly by eucalyptus trees to defend themselves against microbes and herbivores.

“You see the foaming much more after a dry spell because it gives the chemicals time to accumulate on the leaves,” he said.

“It’s quite a common phenomenon but it’s really spectacular.””

The foam is accumulating at the base of the Spotted Gums as they have a smooth barktree_foam_ground_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
At this time of year the Spotted Gums drop their bark revealing many colours and texturestree_spotted gum_bark_colours_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
Yes that’s water in the background rushing down the gully to the big dam. Usually I cannot see this water only hear it as the vegetation covers the landscapewater_gully_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
Remember that burning log I kept going on about? This is water flowing past going into the dam I use for around the house.tree_log_water_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020
Here is the dam filling. That small patch of lillies was the size of the water in the dam three days agodam_filling_water_named_home_jackadgery_jan 2020

As you may have guessed I am one very happy person. I may get cut off from going to town due to localised flooding but I have enough to sustain me for quite a while.

This has taken a while to write as my satellite connection kept dropping out due to the heavy rain

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Opposite weather

Nancy has asked for photos of Opposite weather


There has been a bit of rain over the past three years. Still in an area that has been drought declared. My garden is on its last legs. A bit of rain on Christmas Day put water into the water tanks for the house use and a puddle into the day.

180520_blog challenge_saturation_rain path


171018_blog challenge_storm05

After the rain, the crocus appear

Debbie’s Six Word Saturday
Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Aftermath

There was fire
There was rain
There are flowers

A Crocus flower is almost ended, another ready to bloom
In some places is the garden there are many191228_blog_challenge_six_word_saturday_crocus_three_rain
Sometimes an individual flower greets the day191228_blog_challenge_six_word_saturday_crocus_one_rain

The best Christmas present

This year I went to my besties for Christmas. I left home after making sure there was as little to catch fire around the house, smoke heavy in the air and the heat of the day beating down on my place.

After a bit of last minute shopping and wandering around, we headed home to her place with a bit of the promise of a storm. That night and the next and the next, we sat on the verandah and watched the lightning flash all around and thunder booming in the sky.  A bit of rain fell occasionally drumming loudly on the roof. I was hoping I had a bit of rain at my place too. Over the three days there was 32mls in her rain gauge.

Come Christmas day we had a lovely time with family and friends, seemed to be endlessly washing up and cleaning even on Boxing Day. This morning we had a relaxing start to the day. Breakfast on the verandah, watching the birds in the bird bath, listening to the sounds of the birds and the bush and the farms as they woke in the morning. I headed home. As I came over the hills I looked at the fire scarred landscape as I descended into my valley noting there wasn’t any smoke on the horizon or anywhere to be seen.

As I got closer to home there wasn’t much evidence of rain from the previous few days. None of the plants in the garden looked like they were desperate for a drink so I guessed I had a bit of rain. After I unpacked the car, I wandered about the garden noting that all the bird baths and water containers I put out before I left still had water in them after being away for four days. I went over to the post where the rain gauge sits.

I looked, rubbed my eyes and looked again. The rain gauge held SIXTY-THREE mls.
What a Christmas present!!! The water tanks are full, the smouldering stumps and logs should be quenched – at least the ones in the bush around the house are.

I went to the near empty house dam. The dam is about one-quarter full.

Remember this dam a few weeks ago?
house dam_low_water_burnt_named_9 dec 2019
This is todayhouse dam_water_named_dec 2019

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Right here, right now

HI everyone, thought I would give you a quick update as the RAIN disrupts my satellite feed.

Yes it has rained. Real rain not some plippy ploppy shower but the full thunder, lightning and even some marble sized hail. This will give my garden a few more weeks of survival. Some of the established plants have died. The Hippeastrums are just sending up flower spikes, perhaps some of the Grevilleas will prolong their flowering to give food for the honeyeaters and bees and the others will be content.

I am hoping this will quench the fires at are around me, some 30kms away but the smoke has been heavy and the whole house smells of smoke. I was starting to have fire anxiety combined with a touch of depression about the wonderful bush and the forest that I live, which was looking very dry and sad. Walking about the ground crunched under foot, the grass has gone as too has the understory. Even my biggest weed, the dreaded Lantana is looking quite parched.

I can’t wait for the first light so I can get out and about to see what these storms have delivered. I am sure the tracks will need some maintenance. I hope the dams have a bit more water and my wonderful waterhole will have a good supply of water for the birds and animals that call Durranbah home with me. The frogs have been singing since Thursday so they knew the rain was coming.

Thank you everyone who has been very supportive and have helped me be positive over the past almost 18 months. If you were here I would give you the biggest hug.

It’s the rain

The Weekly Word Prompt from Gerry: Rainy Days

The dripping water down the window as rain falls
170509_blog challenge_rain

Settling as jewels on spiders webs
170622_blog challenge_transient_spiders web
Without rain we wouldn’t have rainbows
No not you lot. This is about rainbows after rain. Not about Rainbow Bee-eaters!! Be off with you rainbow-bee-eaters01_named_home_aug-2016
I said rainbow not Rainbow Lorikeetsrainbow lorikeet_named_home_july 2015
At last. As I was saying, without a rainy day we wouldn’t have rainbowsrainbow_office window_named_grafton_april 2015