11 thoughts on “On the train

  1. I just recently mentioned to someone else in a different post about how I wish that I lived closer to those iconic rail services. Amtrack isn’t really up to the rail standards in other parts of the world.

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    1. The US, similarly Australia, had the wonderful rail networks plus future rail transport destroyed by the freight trucking companies who lobbied Govts for better road infrastructure for trucks to move freight. This was at the expense of an efficient railway. So much rail infrastructure lies dormant. Hi-speed trains get a mention every now and then but nothing ever happens 😢

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      1. That sounds like over here, Brian.
        We have too much traffic on the roads and rail routes that have disappeared. In some cases they’ve been replaced by roads!

        I love trains too – but there are times when you can have too much of a good thing. We’ve been promised a high-speed rail link between London and Leeds on a new rail line. I hope it doesn’t happen, the loss of countryside and peaceful villages plus the loss of people’s homes simply to save an hour or so of travelling time, just doesn’t cut it for me.

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        1. I agree. When they can’t put the line on an existing rail network then there is something wrong. I must admit watching the TV show about tracing where the old railway lines went is great.

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