23 thoughts on “Share Your Desktop – 15 September

  1. I confess I rarely change my desktop. When I do it’s usually because I’ve recently taken a photo that I like a lot and want to see it when I use my computer. Currently, I have one of my manta ray photos, which has been up for several weeks now.

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  2. My desktop has so many icons of things I am currently working on that I just leave the screen a plain blue background, that way I can read the icons better. Love your picture, and that’s one of the best spider’s webs I’ve seen photographed.

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  3. Oh, Brian. I could never forget a fellow Aussie Blogger – but the WP Gremlins interfered here to ensure I never received your pingback. I love those diamonds sparkling all over that impressive web. Thank you so much for sharing with me, joining in on the fun, and giving me a poke when I failed to include you in my September Desktop Delights. This truly is delightful and will receive top billing in next month’s wrap up.

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