Summer splashes brighten

This past twelve months since the horrid fires here, everything is coming back with vengeance. Grasses are growing faster than I can do anything. Had to walk down the hill from the house and across country and that grass I had to wade through as it was waist deep!!

Even the garden has not looked this good in quite a few years. Almost two and a half years of drought, the fires and then floods have made everything seem to grow much better. Maybe a few garden photos in a later post as this one, as the title suggests is about the Hibiscus in the garden. Suddenly all the Hibiscus have had flowers and everywhere you look there are splashes of colour. It really is a bonanza for the eyes.

Here is the lovely flowers from the few Hibiscus growing. I have tended to take cuttings of my own plants so there are a few of the same colour hence there’s not lots of different ones like we find at Judy’s in Mexico.

This is the first Hibiscus planted in the old garden. A cutting from my favourite flower that grew at the house I grew up and always remember it in the backyard. This is the biggest flower in the garden.

The lovely bud of an orange flower

Another flower from the same bush. The newer flowers have more of the pink blush.

The bud of a double frilly pink flower

I think these flowers are organised chaos

A while ago I posted for Sunshine’s Macro Monday (Irene has restarted the challenge) about the deception of the bud to the flower in one of the Hibiscus bushes. Here is a bud just starting to open.

This the flower. Another frilly pink double but a deeper colour

The Miniature Red Hibiscus flowers have appeared a few times in my posts over the years. The deep red is so hard to get in a photo no matter what time of day, settings etc. The red is easy to get when it’s a bud, so you’ll have to imagine that red colour on the following flower.

See!!! I have taken this flower with the sun in different spots, cloudy, in shade.

Also for Cee’s FOTD
and sneak in for CMMC too

37 thoughts on “Summer splashes brighten

    1. The people who lived next door to our house had a Hibiscus hedge/garden along the backyard boundary fence. When they had to sell up, the philistines who bought the place ripped out all of the gardens. Broke a ten year olds heart.


  1. They were the first flowers I fell in love with when I came here, Brian. They are everywhere, and so lovely! I’m not so good at growing them as they tend to develop a horrid bug when grown in pots and I don’t have enough space to plant them or they’d take over. Love the idea that you brought one from home. Is that far from where you live now? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We don’t seem to have the frilly variety here. I like that soft pink one.

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    1. Yes it is around 900 kms south from here. They grow very well here I am almost sub-tropical. The pink double is quite attractive although the flowers are well spread over the bush and it is more green than pink until you stand close. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      1. I’ve posted a few, but there’s a native hibiscus that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen, certainly not recognized as such. I must be more diligent in my observations!

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