A bit and a lot

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Minimalism/Maximalism

Most people know I like minimalism, especially using nature, but in particular trees. I started doing a series of photos of a Tuckaroo tree in my garden but I couldn’t get the feel I wanted for this theme.

I dug around my archives and folders to find what I wanted and hope this sequence works well.

Using a bit of a dead tree and a cloudy sky for dramatic effect

Much the same but this time using sunlight to stand out from the clouds

More of a She Oak and using the distant mountains as a background

Or going green with a solo tree in a paddock. Cattle tracks in the grass break up a total green scene

Going more maximalism with a fine Fig tree to showcase its richness of form and design

Again highlighting the burnt branches after a fire with new growth and colour. The maximalism of every surface covered with something

Do you regard this photo as minimalism or maximalism. The sky bathed in colour and trees in the distance made to look small

Perhaps this is the opposite with a tree in silhouette dominating the foreground and a strong sky fighting for recognition

The theory of maximalism in that every part of the mountains covered in trees even though there isn’t a chaotic array of colours but a subdued hue of blues

I must end on minimalism with a concurrence between a branch, a leaf and Our Moon

30 thoughts on “A bit and a lot

    1. Thanks Sarah. a bit of an explanation of the blue colour as it is commonly believed that the blue haze blanketing the mountains is created by the atmosphere whereby dispersed droplets of Eucalypt oil combine with dust particles and water vapour to scatter refracted rays of light which are largely blue in colour. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I’d read about that. We were a bit disappointed when we visited the Blue Mountains not to really see that effect – they just looked green! I suspect it was the weather conditions. It was an extremely windy day so maybe the particles were being too quickly dispersed?

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  1. I like all of them. You are really good with minimalism. I think that’s much harder. The large expanse of golden sky with the small trees seems minimal to me while the other with more trees filling up the space feel maximal to me. They are all nice.

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  2. I’m with Sarah on the blue mountains, which is probably my favorite photo. I’m not very good on these kind of distinctions. I have enough trouble with in focus/out of focus!

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  3. All good, but I love the first silhouette with the big orange sky. That has a lot of power. It is big — maximal on one level — but the dark trees against the sky send a different message.

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