26 thoughts on “Check out the stripes

  1. Well definite A+ on this one Brian – that is quite a collection! Especially loved the set of images immediately below the music – wonderful! And good on you for the White Stripes – hah!

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    1. Thanks Jo 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if what I post is OK. The White Stripes or Jack White really is so good. Some songs are a bit out there


  2. A lovely mix, Brian – sweet song as well…love that he gave her a little nod in the end! Ah – so much to like here! The boxes and the zebra, the feathers and the clouds – and of course your little skinny friends! ♥

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  3. Hi again, Brian. I had never heard of the White Stripes, so I found them to put into my post as well. I listened to a couple. I liked the one I posted. Yours is a great one. You must agree with Einstein – no problem putting stripes and plaids together. 🙂

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    1. I am glad you have made a good musical discovery Marsha 🙂 Jack White’s Acoustic from 2016 has a lot of great songs. I love Hotel Yorba 🙂
      You made a good choice for your blog

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