We have lift off

Becky’s square photo challenge #SquareUp

I found these photos from Jan 2019 while I was doing a clean-up of my photo file. Inspiration struck so away from the photo folders and write a post. Have a listen while you have a look

Up up and away

Not now

FOWC with Fandango: Avoid

up there!
Did you see

I said
That he said.
OK I said
I see a FOWC
but was going
to avoid this one.

But why he said?
I don’t have anything
not even a photo.
You must
have a photo
that’s what you do!

But I write
I said.
So maybe some words
and avoid a photo.
But have you words
No one will read them
get a photo.

We can post it later
and avoid
the rush
Have you found a photo?

Did you want
to scare people?
No, of course
It is a way
to say