The Life of a Ginger Flower

Continuing in my series of The life of……… this post is an Ornamental Ginger flower. I have a few plants scattered around the garden and this Summer is the best flowering I have ever seen. The plants I have are Hedychium gardnerianum or Kahili Ginger which are native to the Eastern Himalayas. They grow from rhizomes and enjoy a shady moist area although I have some that grow in partial shade and do well. In the evening their scent is intoxicating.

So enjoy my garden and The Life of Ginger Flowers.

The flowers start with a spike that comes from the main stalk

If the stalk isn’t straight, the flower spike will come out at right angles

After a while the flower starts to open

Gradually they separate into their individual bracts waiting for the flower to form

Opening more, the colours start to develop

The flower tips start to emerge

Eventually the flowers appear from the bottom up

A view from the top down

A few macros or close-ups of the flowers

After a few weeks the flowers start to fade

The stamen and anthers start to droop and lose their shape

The petals colour fades

After a while, the flowers have dropped off altogether and the stems become a brown woody structure

and that is the Life of a Ginger Flower

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    1. Big wet has been here since yesterday. Hasn’t stopped raining for a week. All my friends and family are safe. Lismore is a disaster and I hope the water doesn’t get over the Grafton Levee now. I am high and somewhat dry where I am. Thanks for thinking of me Amanda πŸ€—β€


      1. Lismore only has to get a sniff of rain and goes under. Hope the levee holds out in Grafton and the rain doesn’t do too much damage. That big wet hovered over us without moving for 1.5 days. 686 mm thunderous rain in 16 hours. Incredible.

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        1. Good to hear that the damage was contained in some parts. We were not so much affected but lost several huge Norfolk Island Pines down at Scarborough beach. Very sad to see the beach forefront change so dramatically.

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