Re-living the Past #17 – My first building photos

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings

These are from 2017. I can’t remember all of them but I’ll give it a go

A wonderful old Sydney building with it’s front fascia preserved and grotesque modern apartments built behind. Australia has no idea of preserving our heritage unfortunately. This saddens me.

Up the road from my place on a farm on the Clarence Ricer at Lilydale an old shed and silo

Somewhere in Europe

Maybe Paris?

Iconic Sydney on a stormy afternoon

Another old shed a few kilometers from my place

A song by Train from 2010

A writing challenge

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge February 15
Today’s prompt: Write a poem that starts with bitten

Bitten not Bittern
a bite
not a bird
chew and munch
at lunch
a strange call
a Bittern a bird
was heard
an apple
for lunch
was bitten
a crunch
was heard
as was a Bittern
a picnic
was bitten

If you have not seen or heard a Bittern calling, have a listen

From 11debmiller