Grandfather and Ben

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Pet Pampering

There was often talk
of Grandfather and Ben.
Never a better pet,
was said far and wide.
Ben could do
what no other could
but rarely
left Grandfathers side
After a time
both could not do
what needed doing
on the farm.
Everyone loved to visit
Grandfather and Ben
have a cuppa
a bit of a yarn
always in the kitchen
in Summer
and in the lounge
which was the
comfy chair drawn close
to the stove
in Winter.
both pampered
It was towards
Summer, I remember
when a few
of the family
knocked the door
of Grandfather and Ben.
Grandfather they called
we have to talk
How long have you
had old Ben?
Dunno, the old man
must be maybe
thirty or more
the family looked to
each other before
one spoke
you know
Ben has
been gone over
twenty years now
it’s time
to go
Ben’s not looking the best
and that
did such a
bad job.

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