23 thoughts on “Yellow in the sunlight

      1. Thanks, Brian. Sometime last year you posted photos of Bottlebrush, which I had never seen before. Don’t you know, we took a drive and what did we see? Bottlebrush. My neighbor was talking to me about their new tree–bottlebrush! So weird how that happens. Our bottlebrush bloom mostly on dry land–nowhere near water. But they need lots of sunlight. The Banksia is a gorgeous color.

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      2. That’s right. Although originally from a water based ecology, bottlebrush do adapt to any conditions. Australia has many climates of long droughts and floods. They survive in my garden and when it is a wet season they thrive better.

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    1. Not same family Jez
      Banksias are a different species within the Proteaceae family which includes Grevilleas and Hakea to Bottlebrush which are a Callistimon in the Myrtacae family

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  1. When I arrived in NZ I saw this flower and could not take my eyes from it. Never seen it before. Couple of years later my Australian friend saw a photo of mine of it and told me what it was. Amazing, I still stop at a tree in flowers every time I pass one.

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