One Word Sunday Β  A photo challenge from Debbie at Travel With Intent

An encounter with the Red-necked Wallaby and her Joey in my garden.

“Now stand still and upright”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies05

“Let’s see, you have to look your best”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies03

“Awww Mum…do you have to”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies01

“Hold still….I’ve just got to get under your chin”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies04

“There you go…..it wasn’t that bad, was it?”
170810_blog challenge_upright_wallabies02


21 thoughts on “Upright

      1. Thanks for asking – things here are pretty good…. but I miss blogging too. Great example comes from when we used to blow a fuse on our house.
        It is fixed now – but this certain section in the house would blow out and there was not any power to an entire area. and when we would rest the breaker – the house just felt more together.
        and with me – blog fasting is like having that section of the house “off” – and resuming is like setting the breaker…
        but pauses are helpful for me and I know they help me find a better groove rather than going non stop….
        anyhow, thanks for asking – and how are you amigo?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. ahhh. chest gunk sucks – ! and hope the enforced break helped (that healing rest usually does help so much – I know that first hand…. ahhhh)
        have a nice day

        Liked by 1 person

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